Resolution on the Accession to the European Union

The National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Resolution on the Accession to the European Union on 14 October 2004. The European Integration Office and the representatives of the European Movement took active part in the Assembly’s European Integrations Committee work on the text of the Resolution. Joint work of the Government, the Assembly and the representatives of civil society in the preparation of this document shows a successful model of dialogue between all the stakeholders in the European integration process and is essential for reaching a social and political consensus on joining the European Union.

The Resolution contains guidelines for the functioning of legal and executive authorities in the Republic of Serbia with a view to meeting the Copenhagen criteria. Bearing this in mind, the Resolution states:

  • full agreement about joining the European Union, as the highest and undisputed political priority, as well as joining the Partnership for Peace, as an element of common security structure of European countries
  • readiness to work on meeting the political conditions for joining the European Union. The Resolution emphasises the need to bring to justice all persons suspected of war crimes committed during the armed conflicts in the period from 1991 to 2000 on the territory of the former SFRY.
  • full agreement about further development of good neighbourly relations and all other aspects of regional cooperation and initiatives.
  • the obligation of the National Parliament to give the priority to the process of legal harmonisation with the European Union acquis communautaire and the need to introduce special procedures in order to improve the efficiency of this process.
  • the need to produce the Serbian National Strategy for the Association of Serbia-Montenegro to the European Union, which should determine the current situation in Serbia in the areas relevant for the accession to the EU, analyse conditions for association set by the EU and provide a schedule of the necessary measures and activities.
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