International Relations Sector

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The International Relations Sector shall perform the tasks relating to the following: preparing acts and conducting activities in the area of international relations and parliamentary cooperation; conducting activities relating to the participation of National Assembly standing and other delegations in the work of international and regional organisations; activities relating to study group visits to foreign parliamentary institutions and reception of delegations; activities relating to study group visits or visits of members of foreign parliamentary institutions; preparing background papers and other documents for the visits of National Assembly delegations and its working bodies to parliaments of other countries, international and regional organisations; analysing compliance of national legislation with the EU acquis communitaire, providing translation and interpretation services and other tasks for the needs of the National Assembly, its working bodies, parliamentary groups and MPs in the field of international relations.

The following specific internal units shall be established within the International Relations Sector:

  1. Foreign Affairs Department,
  2. European Integration Department.

Foreign Affairs Department

The Foreign Affairs Department shall conduct tasks provided for in paragraph 1 of this Article of the Rulebook, and the tasks for the needs of the Foreign Affairs Committee and parliamentary groups of friendship.

Translation and Interpretation Section shall be established within the Foreign Affairs Department.

Department Head: Vladimir Filipovic
contact telephone: 011/3026-576

The Translation and Interpretation Section shall provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for the needs of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly, parliamentary groups of the National Assembly and working bodies of the National Assembly relating to international parliamentary activities.

Section Chief: Ana Ivanovic
contact telephone:

European Integration Department

The European Integration Department shall perform the tasks relating to the following: analysing proposals of laws and other general acts with regard to their compliance with the acquis ; drafting the table of concordance of a proposal of laws and other general acts submitted by MPs with the acquis ; preparing opinions on the reasonable grounds for the abbreviated procedure for adoption of laws; conducting comparative surveys of the acquis and providing information on the need for harmonization of applicable regulations with the acquis; establishing communication with relevant EU institutions and Parliaments of the EU Member States and the countries in the region for the purpose of enhancing the European Integration Process; other technical and administrative tasks for the needs of the European Integration Committee and Members of Parliament.

Department Head: Marija Vucicevic
contact telephone: 011/3026-084
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