International Cooperation

International cooperation of the National Assembly is realized through the participation of delegations of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in the work and activities of international parliamentary institutions; through the cooperation with representative bodies of other countries realized by way of visits of delegations, MPs, and study groups of the National Assembly and its committees to representative bodies of other countries, and by way of visits of delegations, study groups, or members of representative bodies of other countries to the National Assembly; through the forwarding or exchange of individual acts or messages; through the exchange of documentation and informative materials and publications with representative bodies of other countries; as well as through other forms of cooperation.

In the capacity of members of delegations of the National Assembly, and in relation to certain foreign policy missions of wider importance, MPs can participate at ordinary and special sessions of the Organization of United Nations and its specialized organizations, at international conferences, and at other sessions of international organizations and institutions.

The Foreign Affairs Committee decides on initiatives relating to visits and determines the composition of delegations to participate in talks with representatives of representative bodies and institutions of other countries. If the Committee is unable to make this decision, it is made by the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Within a period of fifteen days from the conclusion of the visit, the delegation of the National Assembly must submit a report about the visit to the Foreign Affairs Committee.

At the end of each year, the Foreign Affairs Committee must submit to the National Assembly a report on the cooperation realized during the previous year.

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