Article 295

Provisions of Articles 141 and 161 of these Rules of Procedure, which refer to submittal of Bills and proposals of other acts of the National Assembly and amendments in electronic form, shall be applied when the necessary technical requirements are created, which shall be announced by the competent committee.

The competent committee shall adopt an act regulating the procedure for submitting acts from paragraph 1 of this Article in electronic form.

Article 296

Until the constitution of the new legislature, the existing committees shall continue operating in accordance with their present scopes of work.

Tasks of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues shall be preformed by the Administrative Committee, until the constitution of the new legislature.

Standing parliamentary delegations shall continue their work in international institutions, until the election of new ones.

Article 297

On the date when these Rules of Procedure come into effect, the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of RS, No. 14/09 – consolidated version), with exception of provisions in Articles 43 to 73 which shall be applied until the constitution of the new legislature, shall no longer be in effect .

Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article, the committees with less than 17 members shall be completed by the election of new committee members, until the total number of committee members amounts to 17.

Article 298

These Rules of Procedure shall come into force on the eighth day after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, and the provisions of Articles 46 to 67 of these Rules of Procedure, stipulating the number and scope of work of committees, shall be applied as of the constitution of the new legislature.

* *

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wednesday, 19 january
  • 10.00 - public hearing on Artificial intelligence and man in the new digital era, organised by the Committee on Education, Science, Technological Development and the Information Society (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, Small Hall)

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