Monday, 9 November 2020

Second Sitting of the Health and Family Committee

At the sitting held on 9 November, the Health and Family Committee deliberated, in principle, on the Bill amending and modifying the Republic of Serbia 2020 Budget Law, Section 27 – Ministry of Health, accompanied by the Proposal of the Decision to grant consent to the Decision amending the Republic Health Insurance Fund 2020 Financial Plan, submitted by the Government.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health the sitting was attended by Ministry secretary Natasa Gudovic, assistant to the minister in the health insurance sector Lidija Basic and senior advisor Sonja Tomic Mihajlovic. As submitter of the Bill, the sitting was attended by Dragana Nesic, advisor at the Ministry of Finance budget sector, and on behalf of the Republic Health Insurance Fund by the Director of the Economic Affairs Sector Svetlana Tadin, Director of the Health Insurance Sector Rade Milicevic and the Head of the Department for Financial Affairs in Implementing International Agreements Milos Sikalo.

Following the representatives of the Ministry and the Republic Health Insurance Fund, Committee Chairman Dr Darko Laketic said that the budget rebalance was needed due to the epidemiological situation caused by the corona virus hoping that the cost incurred by it would be smaller in the coming period.

The Committee members unanimously adopted the Bill.

The Committee went on to establish a Working Group for civic petitions and proposals in the Committee’s purview comprising: Dr Dragana Barisic, Dr Vesna Ivkovic and Sofija Maksimovic.

The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairman Dr Darko Laketic and attended by the following Committee members and deputy members: Dragana Mincic Brankovic, Dr Vesna Ivkovic, Sofija Maksimovic, Dr Emese Uri, Natasa Ivanovic, Svetlana Milijic, Borisav Kovacevic, Zagorka Aleksic, Nikola Radosavljevic, Dr Dragana Barisic, Rajka Matovic, Prof. Dr Goran Tasic, Milica Nikolic and Nevena Djuric.

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