Wednesday, 11 April 2012

High Security and Defence Studies Attendees Visit National Assembly

The first class of the High Security and Defence Studies visited the National Assembly today, where, having learned about the history of the National Assembly House edifice and viewed its many works of art, they talked to Secretary General Veljko Odalovic.

Speaking to the 15 attendees of the High Studies, representatives of the ministries, Serbian Army, Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the National Assembly, Secretary General Odalovic outlined the main characteristics of the National Assembly’s work in the last four years. He said he was pleased with the cooperation between the National Assembly and the Military Academy, particularly the training and specialisation programmes the National Assembly representatives took part in. Presenting the results of the National Assembly’s work, the Secretary General put special emphasis on its legislative function, stressing that a significant number of the 807 laws and 217 other documents passed by the current legislation, concerns the sphere of defence and security. He stressed that in the upcoming period the National Assembly will concentrate on improving its control function, particularly as regards controlling the Government and the security services. He briefed the attendees of the High Studies on the current activities and duties of the National Assembly and its support Service, also mentioning the work of the Republic Electoral Commission relating to the conduction of the parliamentary and presidential elections. The Secretary General was proud to say that the National Assembly had met all of its obligations relating to the European integration process, repeating that the European Commission had given a positive assessment of the National Assembly's work in the previous period. The National Assembly has reached an enviable level of transparency and cooperation with international organisations, as well as improved the operation of its support Service by passing a series of internal documents to steer its further development.
Colonel Slobodan Joksimovic, Head of the High Security and Defence Studies, briefed the Secretary General on the basic work principles and the study programme focusing on the aspects of strategic environment, security and national defence system management.
Afterwards, the attendees of the High Security and Defence Studies were given an overview of the organisation and work of the support Service, the work of the National Assembly committees, the institute of public hearings and the control procedure of the Government’s work, as well as the scope of the Security Services Control Committee to be constituted in the new legislature, by the representatives of the National Assembly Service. The visit of the attendees of the High Security and Defence Studies was completed with a discussion on improving the cooperation between the National Assembly and Military Academy.

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