Tuesday, 29 October 2019

72nd Sitting of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues

At the sitting held on 29 October, the members of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues reviewed the Decision on the base rate for the salary of President of the Republic, the MPs and appointed staff of the President’s and National Assembly Support Service.

National Assembly Secretary General Srdjan Smiljanic presented the proposed National Assembly budget for 2020. The National Assembly’s expenditure for 2020 is set at 3,283,924,000 RSD and is to be financed by the budget of the Republic of Serbia.

According to the Secretary General, 660,388,000 RSD was allocated for function 110 – MPs, while for function 130 - National Assembly Support Service the funds were allocated as follows per each of the three programme activities: 1,422,985,000 RSD for administrative and technical support; 29,251,000 RSD for the regular activities of the Republic Electoral Commission; and 1,171,300,000 RSD for the parliamentary elections.

In addition, 37,000,000 RSD was earmarked for the special professional training programme for the bodies in charge of conducting the elections.

Following a brief debate, the Committee members proposed, by majority vote, that the National Assembly accept the National Assembly 2020 Budget Proposal.

The Committee also reviewed and gave a positive opinion to the request of Zoran Lukic, member of the Republic Electoral Commission, to assume another public office, that of liquidation administrator of the Sports, Recreation and Educational Centre “Vracar”, Belgrade, 77 Njegoseva St.

The Committee members also ascertained the list for A-I and A-II parking stickers.

The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairman Dr Aleksandar Martinovic, and attended by the following Committee members and deputy members: Dusica Stojkovic, Dr Dragana Barisic, Stefana Miladinovic, Branimir Jovanovic, Dr Darko Laketic, Momo Colakovic, Veroljub Matic, Marko Zeljug, Petar Petrovic and Aleksandar Markovic.

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