Tuesday, 4 December 2012

10th Sitting of the Committee on Labour, Social Issues, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction

At the tenth sitting of the Committee on Labour, Social Issues, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction, held to mark 3 December, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Committee members discussed the promotion of the position of persons with disabilities in light of the upcoming legislative activities.

The sitting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy, National Democratic Institute, National Organisation of Persons with Disabilities of Serbia, Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Serbia, Union of the Blind of Serbia, as well as the Centre for Independent Living of People with Disabilities.
The representatives of the association and union stressed that it would be useful if more TV programmes were adapted for the deaf and hard of hearing, as would securing better social support for persons with disabilities, enabling adequate access to buildings and public transport in particular, and, on the occasion, urged for control of the implementation of the existing legislations.
The representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy said that the Ministry had financed building adaptation projects to facilitate access for persons with disabilities, funded sign language interpreters’ offices, as well as projects for the construction of day care facilities for persons with disabilities. In the upcoming period, the Ministry will work on promoting the issue of working ability of people with disabilities, as well as drafting the law on records of people with disabilities.
The representatives of the National Democratic Institute stressed that they would continue to support the connection between the citizens and representatives of the institutions in charge with the protection of rights of people with disabilities.
The Committee members commended the progress achieved as regards the protection of the rights of people with disabilities and the improvement of their position. They agreed that it was necessary to make as many buildings as possible accessible for people with disabilities, emphasising the importance of adopting by-laws to regulate the sphere more closely.
The Committee Chairperson stressed that the members and representatives of the organisations present have shown the will to work together on improving the position of people with disabilities and that the Committee would continue to work, within its scope, on building a society with a higher social inclusion, in cooperation with institutions and organisations dealing with the issues of people with disabilities.

The sitting was chaired by Milica Dronjak, Committee Chairperson.

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