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Academician Muamer Zukorlic was born on 15 February 1970 in the village of Orlje near Tutin. He finished elementary school in his hometown and the "Gazi Husrev-beg" Madrasa in Sarajevo. He completed his studies in the philosophy of Sharia law (Usuli fiqh) at the Islamic University "El-Emir Abdel-Qadir" in Constantine (Algeria), and obtained a master's degree in the field of exegesis of the Qur'an (Tafsir) at the University "Al-Jinan" in Tripoli (Lebanon), and a doctorate from the International University in Novi Pazar. He is a full member of the Bosniak Academy of Sciences and Arts (BANU).

He is a long-term lecturer at the Gazi Isa-beg Madrasa in Novi Pazar, a long-term lecturer in a group of religious subjects and Arabic language at the Islamic Pedagogical Academy (now the Faculty of Islamic Studies). He is a professor at the Department of Epistemology at the International University in Novi Pazar.

He served as President of the Meshihat of the Islamic Community of Sandzak and Mufti of Sandzak from 1993 to 2007, and as Chief Mufti and President of the Meshihat of the Islamic Community in Serbia from its unification in 2007 to 2014, when he became Mufti of Sandzak.

He was the dean of the Islamic Pedagogical Academy in 2001, the rector of the International University in Novi Pazar from its founding in 2002 to 2008, and then the president of the University from 2008 to 2016.

He conceived and headed the establishment and organization of the International University of Novi Pazar in 2002, the outpost of the Alaudin Madrasa from Pristina in Novi Pazar as the independent "Gazi Isa-beg" Madrasa in 1994, the establishment of the "Gazi Isa-beg" Women's Madrasa in Novi Pazar in 1996 and its departments in Rozaje in 2002 and Presevo in 2014, the Islamic magazine "Voice of Islam" in 1996 of which he is the first editor-in-chief, the network of kindergartens and preschools "Reuda" and the school mekteb "Wildan" in 1998, the Islamic Pedagogical Academy (now FIS) in 2001.

He initiated the founding of the Women's Association "Merjem" in 2007, the Association of Ulema of the Islamic Community in Serbia in 2007, the Association of the Sandzak Diaspora in 2003, the School of the Holy Qur'an in Novi Pazar in 2010, the Islamic Cultural Center "Altun Alem" in 2011 and the Vakuf Directorate in 2014.

He designed and supported the establishment of the International Humanitarian Organization (IHO) in 1995, which grew into the Center for Humanitarian Work "Hajrat", the opening of seven waqf kitchens for the poor in all cities of North Sandzak.

Conceived and initiated the establishment of "El-Kelimeh" publishing house in 1993, the establishment of the Agency for Halal Quality Certification in 2007, Media Center in 2008, Institute for the Study of Genocide and Crime in 2011, Sandzak Business Association (SABA) in 2010, Bosniak Cultural Community in 2009, television "Universa" in 2008, today Sandzak television and radio "Refref" in Novi Pazar in 2009.

He has given more than 1000 lectures on Islamic and collective and individual human rights, more than 700 interviews, had more than a hundred different media appearances, participated in hundreds of international scientific, cultural and political symposia and conferences.

He headed the winning list of the Bosniak Cultural Community in the elections for the Bosniak National Council in 2010 and a member of the Bosniak National Council 2010-2014.

He was a candidate in the Serbian 2012 presidential elections, winning the most votes in Sandzak.

In the 2016 parliamentary elections, he was elected a member of the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and later Chairman of the Committee on Education, Science, Technological Development and Information Society. In the same year, he was elected councilor in the Assembly of the City of Novi Pazar for the period 2016-2020.

He was elected a councilor of the Bosniak National Council in the elections for national minority councils in 2018.

In December 2017, he was elected president of the Justice and Reconciliation Party.

In the 2020 parliamentary elections, Academician Zukorlic was re-elected member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

He is the founder of the World Bosniak Congress, Bosniak Academy of Sciences and Arts, Bosniak National Foundation and the Bosniak Matica. He has been the Secretary General of BANU since 2011 and the President of the Assembly of SBK since 2012. He is a member of the Executive Council of the Islamic World League - Rabita.

Academician Zukorlic is the author of five books and dozens of scientific papers in the field of philosophy, epistemiology, cultural history, Islamic studies, law and a number of related theoretical disciplines.

Fluent in Arabic (speaking, writing and reading), speaks Turkish and has a working knowledge of English.

Married, father of eight and the grandfather of seven.

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