Friday, 3 June 2011

Thirty-Fifth Sitting of the Agriculture Committee

At the sitting held on 3 June, the Agriculture Committee discussed the problems regarding the allocation of subsidies to agricultural producers and the consequences of the protest of agricultural producers on agriculture. Committee Chairman Prof. Dr Zoran Masic said that the sitting was scheduled to discuss the situation caused by the road block in Vojvodina set up by farmers dissatisfied with the allocation of budgetary funds meant to stimulate agricultural production in 2011.

Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management Dusan Petrovic stressed that, at the Ministry’s proposal, the Government decided to pay out the subsidies to all registered agricultural households smaller that 100ha. He said that a subsidy of 14 000 RSD per hectare for agricultural households of up to 30 ha will be paid out successively by the end of the year, and to households between 30 and 100 ha by the end of January 2012.

Minister Petrovic deemed that the mentioned purposes will necessitate about 8.6 billion RSD from the budget. He reminded that this year’s agrarian budget amounts to 20 billion RSD, and the debts from the previous period are 2.5 billion RSD, which is also the amount the disposable funds are lower by. He also stated that 2.5 billion RSD have been earmarked for milk subsidies, two billion for genetic improvement in livestock breeding, and 2.7 billion RSD to subsidize interest rates for agricultural loans.
The Minister of Agriculture declared the Serbian Government responsible for the stable functioning of the market of basic foodstuffs, so that the budgetary funds had to be reallocated particularly after the milk shortage.

Following the debate the Committee members accepted the information on the measures the Government implemented to resolve the existing problems and requested that the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management forward the Decree on subsidizing auxiliary goods for crop and vegetable production.

The Committee members deemed that considerable progress could be made in agriculture and pointed out the need to increase the funds for this strategically important area in next year’s budget.

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