9 July 2019 The SDG Focus Group in meeting with the Algerian parliamentary delegation

9 July 2019 The SDG Focus Group in meeting with the Algerian parliamentary delegation

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

SDG Focus Group Meets with Algerian Parliamentary Delegation

The head and members of the Focus Group for the Development of Control Mechanisms for the Process of Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals met with the Algerian parliamentary delegation headed by Jafar Noara Sadia.

The head of the Focus Group Dr Milorad Mijatovic highlighted the traditionally friendly relations between Serbia and Algeria, hoping that they would continue to develop through interparliamentary cooperation. To that end, he stressed how much he appreciates Algeria’s support in the matter of Kosovo-Metohija.

Mijatovic said that the National Assembly has recognized the importance of the Focus Group, as evidenced by the fact that two deputy speakers, as well as members of almost all the political parties in the parliament are part of it. He added that, to ensure the best implementation of the 2030 Agenda, the Focus Group will actively cooperate with all the countries involved and an exchange of experiences with Algeria can only contribute to the quality of its work.

“The Focus Group has been organizing public hearings and plans to submit amendments to the 2020 budget to secure funds for the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals”, said Mijatovic.

Focus Group member Gordana Comic believes that of the 17 SDGs and 169 targets those that answer the question whether the status of women would be improved by 2030 through economic independence and employment chances should be prioritized, as well as those concerning climate change.

“That is why goal 17 – partnerships for the goals, is important not only in terms of partnerships among institutions, but also as regards joint efforts to make the individual man and woman visible for the institutions and find a response to what our lives would look like by 2030”, Comic said.

Focus Group member Dubravka Filipovski said that the goals necessitate funds and projects to be realized and Serbia has begun to implement the SDGs in the spirit of partnership with the Serbian Government and civil society organizations.

“Two factors are a special challenge in the implementation of the SDGs – lowering them to the level of local self-government and reaching out to young people”, said Filipovski. She also emphasized the importance of connecting with the other countries involved to better realize these goals, which is how she views the cooperation between Algeria and Serbia.

Focus Group member Jasminka Karanac spoke about the importance of global connections, saying that the SDGs are a big step forward for humanity and each of the 17 carries the same weigh and import.

The head of the Algerian delegation Jafar Noara Sadia congratulated the Focus Group on the efforts it is investing into the realization of the SDGs, each of which is of global importance. She said that Algeria invests great efforts into the SDGs as well and has made some progress in education, healthcare and combating poverty. Besides the authorities, the private sector and civil society organization have also taken part in the process. She believes that the participation of the people is essential as is the exchange of experiences with other countries. There are still challenges to be tackled in the sphere of natural resources, combating poverty and promoting gender equality which should be a continuous process.

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