9 November 2021 The Head of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Syria and the Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Republic of Serbia

9 November 2021 The Head of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Syria and the Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Republic of Serbia

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

PFG with Syria Meets with Syrian Embassy Charge d'Affaires

Today, the Head of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Syria Milos Terzic met with the Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Republic of Serbia Dr Ammar Awad.

The Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Republic of Serbia Dr Ammar Awad said that Serbia and Syria share a very similar history, which is essential for achieving cooperation in various fields. He took the opportunity to congratulate Serbia on the very successful organisation of the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, attended by 120 countries from around the world, and which he personally attended.

Dr Awad said that Syria has begun to recover after a turbulent past and the political and security situation in the country has been normalised. He pointed out that Syria controls 90% of its territory, except for certain areas in the north of the country, but the Syrian government is committed to returning every inch of its territory, with the help and support of its friends - Russia, Iran, China and Serbia. Speaking about the economic situation in Syria, the Charge d'Affaires said that though some Western countries have imposed sanctions, the Syrian government, with the help of various UN organisations, tries to make the everyday life of the Syrian people easier, respecting the principle of foreign non-interference in the country's internal affairs. He congratulated Serbia on its progress, underlining that Syria supports Serbia on the international political scene as regards its territorial integrity and sovereignty. He also thanked the country for the appointment of an Ambassador in Damascus, which indicates, he said, the will to deepen the cooperation between the two countries. He also mentioned the recent meetings of the two countries’ parliamentarians, pointing out that his role is to continue strengthening the ties between the two parliaments to make sure they follow the good historical relations between Serbia and Syria.

Milos Terzic expressed satisfaction with the meeting, stressing that it can prompt many initiatives for future cooperation. He said that there is room for cooperation at all levels and thanked Syria for its principled position on the issue of Kosovo-Metohija, adding that Serbia respects Syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty, in accordance with international law. He thanked Syria for voting against the so-called state of Kosovo’s joining the international organisations of UNESCO and INTERPOL. He pointed out that the decades-long diplomatic relations between Serbia and Syria have never been interrupted, which is proof that Serbia is pursuing a serious and responsible policy, which is at the same time independent and sovereign. In addition to the economic cooperation the two countries can achieve, he also emphasised their cultural cooperation, mentioning the black mulberry tree the first Serbian Archbishop St. Sava brought from Damascus and which is still growing in the yard of the Patriarchal Monastery of Pec as a homage to the friendship between the two peoples.

Speaking about the economic aspect, Terzic said that today, Serbia is the economic leader in Europe, adding that there is a lot of room for cooperation between Serbia and Syria and that parliamentary cooperation can be the initiator of other types of cooperation. "Syria has Serbia’s with full support in terms of security policy, that is, support in the fight against terrorism, and it is essential that Serbia and Syria have good security cooperation", said Terzic. He went on to say that peace and stability are vital for economic progress, adding that Serbia is a good example of a growing economy implemented through the proposals and initiatives of President Aleksandar Vucic. He said that President Vucic’s "Open Balkans" initiative, despite some outstanding issues with certain signatory countries, lends a strong economic impetus to the entire region. "Serbia is fighting to preserve its integrity in Kosovo-Metohija, but we are also fighting to preserve the Republic of Srpska. We are also facing people who are asking for help from a foreign factor, as we witnessed last week, when we had the opportunity to see a part of the fake elite that goes to Washington and negotiates with Albanian lobbyists", stressed the Head of the PFG. He added that Serbia and Syria should fight together for their territory at the international level, as well as cooperate at the economic level in order to raise their standard and provide a better life for their citizens.

The officials also discussed an exchange of visits of parliamentarians and expressed hope that these would initiate further cooperation.
The meeting was also attended by a PFG member Djordje Todorovic and Archimandrite Procopius Tayar from the Patriarchate of Antioch.

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