29 September 2021 The Parliamentary Friendship Group with Slovakia with the Slovak Ambassador to Serbia

29 September 2021 The Parliamentary Friendship Group with Slovakia with the Slovak Ambassador to Serbia

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

PFG with Slovakia Meets with Slovak Ambassador to Serbia

The members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Slovakia, headed by Ugljesa Markovic had a meeting today, in the National Assembly House, with Slovakian Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Fedor Rosocha to discuss the improvement of economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries and Serbia’s European integration.

Welcoming the Slovak Ambassador at the beginning of the meeting PFG Head Ugljesa Markovic expressed hope that meetings like this one would become an established practice and open up new opportunities to improve overall cooperation between the two countries. The PFG Head spoke about the excellent diplomatic relations, launched in 1918 and enhanced today through modern mutual political dialogue. He took the opportunity to thank Slovakia for its principled position on the issue of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo-Metohija, stating that Serbia is still trying to normalise relations and dialogue with Pristina, despite the current provocations at the administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak. He went on to point out that the formation of Serbian communities is crucial for the Serbs in the province.

The PFG Head also thanked Slovakia for its support at the multilateral level, e.g. UNESCO and INTERPOL, as well as the support it provides to Serbia on its path to European integration. He reminded the Ambassador that Serbia had opened four negotiation chapters during the Slovak Presidency of the European Union, and is ready to continue strengthening its institutions and harmonising its laws with the EU acquis. He emphasised that Slovakia is an important economic partner to Serbia, pointing out that there is room to advance cooperation in the fields of energy, innovation and the IT sector, as well as in the fields of trade, defence, education and culture. Markovic also spoke about the significant exchanges of parliamentary visits between the two countries, adding that the PFG with Slovakia boasts 28 members.

Rosocha thanked the Parliamentary Friendship Group for its support and commitment to developing relations between the two countries. He agreed that there is room to expand cooperation in the field of economy as well as at the multilateral level. He stressed that countries, without no outstanding issues such as Serbia and Slovakia, should materialise their good relations. He said that the Slovak Minister of Defence had recently visited Serbia, and that the Minister of Trade would also visit it, all in support of the preparations for the meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee to be held in Bratislava in November this year.

The Ambassador added that Slovakia's on the issue of Kosovo-Metohija remains unchanged, the country standing firmly by it, agreeing with the position that dialogue is the only compromise solution for this sensitive situation. He said that his core message is that there is ample room for cooperation at the interparliamentary level, which he would also convey to National Assembly Speaker Ivica Dacic. Ambassador Rosocha also spoke about the position of the Slovak national minority in Vojvodina, taking the opportunity to present the PFG Head with a gift from an artist from Kovacica, as a symbol of cooperation between the two countries. He said that he hoped the naive art of Slovak artists from Kovacica would be included in the UNESCO list.

Other members of the PFG also took part in the conversation, talking with the Ambassador about investments, Slovak companies that operate successfully in Serbia, as well as relations and support in multilateral organisations.

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