8 September 2021 The members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Lithuania and the Lithuanian parliamentary delegation

8 September 2021 The members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Lithuania and the Lithuanian parliamentary delegation

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

PFG with Lithuania Meets with Lithuanian Parliamentary Delegation

The members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Lithuania, headed by Ilija Matejic, met with the delegation of the Lithuanian Parliament’s Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the Western Balkan Countries currently in official visit to the Republic of Serbia.

Welcoming the delegation, Ilija Matejic said that he was sure these types of cooperation would continue, both in the exchange of EU accession-related experiences and on other issues, such as economic cooperation, migrations from the East and the global fight against the pandemic. Matejic reaffirmed that membership in the European Union is Serbia’s strategic goal and the country ready to open new negotiation clusters, adding that Lithuania's support is of great importance for Serbia. He went on to say that the National Assembly and the Government have in the past few years largely harmonised the national legislations with the EU acquis. In this regard, he pointed out that in the previous year our country had a 5.3 billion EUR economic exchange with Germany alone and that the EU is Serbia’s biggest economic partner. He also pointed out that, although Serbia is not a member of the EU, over 200 companies from member countries operate in our area and employ Serbian citizens. As the crowning proof of the country’s path to the EU, Matejic also mentioned the process Constitutional amendment in the field of the judiciary, making it an independent branch of government and bringing the law in line with EU legislation in that sense as well. The Head of the PFG pointed out that Serbia is a leader in establishing friendly relations in the Balkans and one of the initiators of the "Open Balkans" project aimed at increasing trade cooperation and improving bilateral relations between Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia.

"We are establishing friendly relations even with the countries which we were in conflict with, which clearly shows our intention and plans for the future," said Matejic. He stressed that Serbia has become an example to other countries when it comes to combating the coronavirus pandemic, for example sending aid to Italy in its most difficult moments as well as inviting citizens of neighbouring countries to be vaccinated in Serbia. Speaking of Serbia’s southern Autonomous Province, he said that the country would never accept the independence of the so-called Kosovo and is committed to dialogue under the auspices of the EU and finding concrete solutions, although the other side is blocking these negotiations and has not for years fulfilled the provisions of the Brussels Agreement. Finally, Matejic thanked Lithuania for its commitment to good friendly relations. He stressed that Serbia wants to share its migration-related experiences, as well as strengthen overall cooperation with Lithuania.

Audronius Azubalis, member of the delegation and deputy head of the Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the Western Balkan Countries, thanked the PFG of MPs for the open discussions they had during the visit. He was interested in Serbia’s economic and military cooperation with China and Russia. Matejic said that Serbia’s responsible policy and economic growth does not depend on China and that it is committed to peace and stability in the region, Europe and the world.

Ljubinko Rakonjac, member of the PFG with Lithuania, proposed cooperation in the field of environmental protection and scientific research to the delegation, through interparliamentary forums, as a country that is not a member of the European Union.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation invited the MPs to pay an official visit to Lithuania, where they would continue with the open talks and deepen cooperation at all levels.

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