12 October 2019 National Assembly Speaker Maja Gojkovic and the Parliament Speaker of the United Arab Emirates Amal Abdulla Al Qubaisi

12 October 2019 National Assembly Speaker Maja Gojkovic and the Parliament Speaker of the United Arab Emirates Amal Abdulla Al Qubaisi

Saturday, 12 October 2019

National Assembly Speaker Has Series of Bilateral Meetings with Parliament Speakers Taking Part in 141st IPU Assembly in Belgrade

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Maja Gojkovic met today with the parliament speakers of Argentina, Jordan, El Salvador, Micronesia, Guyana, Zambia and the United Arab Emirates taking part in the coming 141st Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Belgrade, 13 - 17 October, attended by parliamentary delegations from 150 countries, among them 80 parliament speakers.

Gojkovic thanked the Speaker of Senate of Argentina Federico Pinedo for coming to Serbia and attending the IPU Assembly.

Gojkovic and Pinedo stressed that the two countries’ friendly relations are based on mutual respect and support in the pursuit of the key priorities of state policy and Gojkovic thanked Argentina for respecting Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and with it international law. She added that Serbia also greatly appreciates Argentina’s support during so-called “Kosovo’s” UNESCO and INTEPROL bids.

Pinedo said that Argentina will stand by its position on Kosovo-Metohija, which is an issue it understands very well and considers the principle of territorial integrity and sovereignty and respect for international law most important.

The officials went on to emphasize the importance of developing economic cooperation, encouraging an increase in the volume of trade and highlighting the potentials for agricultural cooperation.

Gojkovic also met with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Jordan Atef Al Tarawneh with whom she spoke about the potentials for the development of parliamentary, as well as economic cooperation, and boosting trade.

Mentioning the good relationship the two countries had in the times of former Yugoslavia, Al Tarawneh said that Jordan respects Serbia and wants to continue developing the relationship. Gojkovic and Al Tarawneh discussed the current issues of migrations and combating terrorism and the Serbian Assembly Speaker thanked the guest for the invitation to visit Jordan and help promote parliamentary and overall cooperation between the two countries.

Gojkovic met with the Parliament Speaker of El Salvador Norman Quijano Gonzales whom she thanked for taking part in the 141st IPU Assembly. The two parliament speakers opined that multilateral events enable substantive dialogue between parliamentarians and development of cooperation and commented on the growing importance of parliamentary diplomacy.

The Parliament Speaker of El Salvador thanked the National Assembly Speaker for the hospitality saying that he will definitely promote the development of good relations with Serbia and adding that the participation of the El Salvador’s parliamentary delegation in the IPU Assembly is an excellent opportunity to foster good parliamentary ties. Gojkovic said that it is Serbia’s wish to advance and develop relations with traditionally friendly countries and opined that Serbia and El Salvador can find common interest for a comprehensive cooperation despite their geographical distance.

The Serbian Assembly Speaker also met with the Parliament Speaker of the Federated States of Micronesia Wesley Simina and emphasized the importance of Micronesia’s participation in the IPU Assembly as an excellent opportunity to foster parliamentary and overall relations.

The Micronesian Parliament Speaker said that the IPU is an important format for the development of parliamentary cooperation and dialogue on topics of common interest, adding that despite the geographical distance we face the same challenges, such as climate change for example. Simina said that Micronesia is interested in the establishment of parliamentary friendship groups and development of economic and cultural cooperation and invited the Serbian Assembly Speaker to come and visit Micronesia.

Gojkovic also discussed cooperation development with the Parliament Speaker of Guyana Barton Scotland, declaring the Serbian Assembly ready to establish parliamentary relations. Scotland agreed that there is room to develop and strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the interest of their common future and returning to the rich path of cooperation from the times of the Non-Aligned Movement when the two countries were good allies.

In the meeting with the Parliament Speaker of Zambia Patrick Matibini, the officials opined that the political relations between the two countries are traditionally good and friendly and that there is mutual interest to advance parliamentary cooperation, economic relations and trade. Gojkovic thanked Zambia for understanding Serbia’s position and not recognizing the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo-Metohija and for not voting counter to Serbia’s interests in international organizations, hoping that Zambia will continue to support Serbia’s positions, especially when it comes to so-called Kosovo’s attempts to join INTEPROL.

In the meeting with the Parliament Speaker of the United Arab Emirates Amal Abdulla Al Qubaisi, the two heads of parliament said they were ready to promote parliamentary cooperation and have the parliaments contribute to the intensifying political dialogue. Gojkovic and Al Qubaisi endorsed the recent intensification and strengthening of economic relations. Al Qubaisi opined that good bilateral relations between the leaders of the two countries are especially important, hoping that this visit to Serbia would contribute to the strengthening of parliamentary cooperation and stressing that it is important to advocate intensive cooperation between the parliamentary friendship groups .

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