26 March 2021 Participants of the meeting

26 March 2021 Participants of the meeting

Friday, 26 March 2021

Members of PFG with Cuba Meet with Cuban Ambassador in Belgrade

The Head and members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Cuba met today at the National Assembly with the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the Republic of Serbia H.E. Gustavo Trista del Todo to discuss the relations between the two countries and the health and economic situation caused by the corona pandemic.

The Head of PFG with Cuba Prof. Dr Ljubisa Stojmirovic said he was most pleased with the Group’s frequent meetings with the Ambassador, stressing that Serbia and Cuba are two friendly and honest countries, home to hardworking and cheerful people. Stojmirovic said that though the PFG boasts 51 members only 10 are present at the meeting, in accordance with the epidemiological recommendations. He expressed confidence that an exchange of visits of PFG delegations would be organised as soon as possible, in order to further improve the existing inter-parliamentary cooperation.

Ambassador Gustavo Trista del Todo briefed his hosts on the preparation of the Cuban corona vaccine. He said that at the very beginning of the pandemic in Cuba, the question arose how to best deal with the problem, the answer to which was the production of vaccines and mass immunization. Ambassador del Todo went on to add that there are currently five potential vaccines and two of which have entered the third stage of clinical trials which includes testing on volunteers. He pointed out that during the previous tests, there were no significant side effects. Cuba's goal is to vaccinate two million inhabitants by June, six million by August, and all 11 million by the end of the year, the Ambassador stressed. After that, Cuban vaccines will be exported, and are planned to be given to the poorest African countries free of charge to ensure the immunization of their population, Gustavo Trista del Todo emphasised. He opined that the mass vaccination would lead to a revival of the most important economic branch in Cuba, tourism.

The members of the PFG with Cuba praised Cuban medicine, emphasising that the country is a medical powerhouse. In the course of the meeting, they voiced initiatives for intensifying cooperation between our two countries in the fields of education, culture and agriculture, and invited the Ambassador to visit the municipalities and cities that the members of the Friendship Group come from.

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  • 11.00 - press conference of MP MA Ivan Kostic (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, Central Hall)

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