12 April 2021 The members of the PFG with Angola with the Ambassador of Angola to Serbia

12 April 2021 The members of the PFG with Angola with the Ambassador of Angola to Serbia

Monday, 12 April 2021

Head and Members of PFG with Angola Meet with Ambassador of Angola to Serbia

Vuk Mircetic, Head of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Angola, met today in the National Assembly House with the Ambassador of Angola, H.E. Alsinom dos Prazeres Isata Francisco da Conceição, to talk about traditionally friendly relations and the popularization of Angola in Serbia.

Vuk Mircetic stressed that the two countries have traditionally good and friendly relations and added that the Republic of Angola recognizes Serbia as the successor of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and that Yugoslavia supported the liberation movement and anti-colonial struggle from the very beginning of Angola's fight for independence. At the time, Yugoslavia was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the then independent Republic of Angola, Mircetic added.

He also underlined Angola’s consistency in respecting the fundamental principles of international law and expressed gratitude for its firm and constant position not to recognize the independence of the so-called state of Kosovo, i.e. support for Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as for voting against the so-called Kosovo's Interpol and UNESCO bids.

Mircetic opined that Memorandum of Understanding the two parliaments signed in February 2020 has great potential for a continuation of cooperation. He also referred to the project "World in Serbia", under the auspices of which Serbia provided 10 scholarships to Angola students in Serbia.

The Head of the PFG with Angola Vuk Mircetic pointed out that, in addition to parliamentary cooperation, the popularization of Angola in Serbia is also of great importance. In this regard, he suggested setting up a friendship society in the near whose members would be representatives of state institutions, public companies, entrepreneurs and young people who appreciate the friendship between the two countries. He also suggested planting a tree, as a symbol of mutual friendship between the two countries, as well as organizing a celebration of days important for Angola in Serbia, when Angola should be presented through a series of events.

As an important fact, he mentioned that the Adligat Book Museum in Belgrade has a significant number of books and postal stamps from Angola, and suggested organizing a comprehensive exhibition of Angola's cultural heritage in the museum.

The Ambassador of Angola agreed with the PFG Head that the relations between the two countries are at a high level, as evidenced by the two parliaments’ signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The Ambassador was interested in four agreements: Agreement on Political Dialogue between the two countries’ Foreign Ministries, Agreement on Abolishing the Visa Regime for Diplomatic and Service Passports, Agreement on Double Taxation of Serbian Companies Operating in Angola and the Agreement on Reciprocal Investment Promotion.

The Ambassador welcomed the project "World in Serbia", expressing hope that it will continue to be organized in the coming years, and added that the Angolan side would be very grateful if Serbia continued the project and also expanded cooperation to cover military education since Angola recognizes the knowledge and experience of the Serbian military industry and military education.

At the end of the meeting, the PFG Head stated that, within his purview as the Head of the Parliamentary Friendship Group, he would strive to intensify and deepen cooperation with the Republic of Angola.

The meeting was also attended by PFG members Djordje Komlenski, Dr Marko Bogdanovic and Dejan Kesar.

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