18 November 2019 Gojkovic in Geneva at the meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

18 November 2019 Gojkovic in Geneva at the meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Monday, 18 November 2019

Gojkovic in Geneva at IPU Preparatory Committee Meeting

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Maja Gojkovic took part in the second meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Preparatory Committee for the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments in 2020, in Geneva.

The parliament speakers reviewed the proposed topics prepared by the member parliaments and decided that the overall theme of the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments in 2020 be “New parliamentary actions for multilateralism: toward peace and sustainable development for the people and planet”.

Gojkovic said that the growing prominence of multilateralism is very important for the many actors in the international community, as well as the Republic of Serbia, the fact that that more and more countries feel independent and free to make decisions in line with their own interests.

“Multilateralism is the correct response to the growing interdependence and complexity of modern international relations. In that sense, strengthening multilateral mechanisms is the strongest foundation for overcoming current challenges and additional risks to global peace and stability”, Gojkovic stressed.

The Serbian Assembly Speaker said that the world is facing rapid changes and serious ever-growing challenges, coupled with additional challenges for the global community in the form of world conflicts, the aftermath of the world economic crisis, climate change, humanitarian and migrant crisis, terrorism and growing transactional crime.

Gojkovic warned that the instruments of international law are often not utilized in the modern world, what is more, they are violated by unilateral actions that cannot be prevented alone by parliaments or international organizations in charge of controlling the observation and application of international conventions.

“All of this puts the achieved international norms, stability and peace at risk”, said Gojkovic adding that the current developments on the global political scene point to the need to strengthen efficient multilateralism and cooperation among all the relevant actors to avoid the dangers of unilateral actions.

Gojkovic said that the best way to overcome the many serious global challenges to strengthening concrete international cooperation is to share common prosperity and the opportunities brought by the technological revolution, to strengthen trade and economic cooperation, not merely advocate the common values of multilateralism in world alone.

The Serbian Assembly Speaker was elected member of the Preparatory Committee in October 2018.

The Preparatory Committee also comprises the speakers of parliament of Algeria, Austria, Belarus, Chad, Cyprus, Ecuador, Kuwait, Mexico, Paraguay, Moldova, Tonga and Uganda.

IPU President Gabriela Cuevas Barron and Secretary-General Martin Chungong also took part in the meeting in Geneva.

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