Tuesday, 27 October 2015

European Integration Committee Chairman Meets with Newly-Appointed Lithuanian Ambassador

The Chairman of the European Integration Committee, Aleksandar Senic, met with the newly-appointed Lithuanian Ambassador, H.E. Rasa Kairiene. The officials discussed Serbia’s Euro-integration process, public support and understanding of the accession process, as well as the relationship between Serbia and Russia.

Senic stressed that all the MPs, both in the European Integration Committee and the National Assembly, are pro-Europe. He said that a lot has been done on promoting and understanding the negotiation process and as an example mentioned the National Convention on the European Union made up of 600 civil society organisations joining the process. Speaking of the results achieved concerning Euro-integration, Senic said that strong regional cooperation had yielded excellent results through the exchange of experiences and best practice examples.

The officials concluded that fostering ties between the institutions and the citizens of Lithuania and Serbia is a common goal both countries should pursue. That would, they agreed, improve Serbia’s negotiations process. The Lithuanian Ambassador said that her country had relatively recently traversed the path Serbia is currently on: “Our experiences are fresh and we want to share them with you”, said Kairiene.

Kairiene suggested that the two countries could promote cooperation and relations through interparliamentary cooperation and student exchange programmes, and Senic concluded that they should put effort into bringing the two nations closer together since we will all one day be one big family under the auspices of the European Union.

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