10 November 2015 20th meeting of the National Assembly Economic Caucus

10 November 2015 20th meeting of the National Assembly Economic Caucus

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

20th Meeting of National Assembly Economic Caucus

The members of the Economic Caucus discussed the draft law on the public sector employees’ salary system.

The draft law was presented to the members of the Economic Caucus, MPs and representatives of NALED and IRI by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Kori Udovicki. She said that the existing system is neither equal nor systematised because the salaries of public sector employees working for different segments are regulated by a system of different rules i.e. over 20 laws and by-laws, 900 coefficients and 12 different salary bases. That is why, Udovicki states, the draft law aims to introduce a single salary base for all public sector employees and set a coefficient expressed through 60 salary grades ranging from 1 to 7.5. Also, all positions and titles are listed in a Catalogue which is expected to introduce a single criterion for the evaluation of all job positions. The new law also regulates bonuses, work result assessments, salaries, expenses and other types of income. The law also regulates the rights during postings abroad and in special bodies.

The Head of the Economic Caucus, Prof. Dr Vladimir Marinkovic said that the provisions of the draft law show that Deputy Prime Minister Udovicki is conducting reforms realistically and solving problems no one wanted to tackle. “It institutes just principles of equal pay for equal work and enables awarding those most productive. It also allows for equal competition of human knowledge and skills”, stressed Marinkovic.

In the course of the discussion on the draft law the participants also spoke about the manner or setting coefficients, criteria for the classification of similar jobs, and the participants wanted to know whether the public sector salaries would be decreased under the new law, to which the representatives of the competent Ministry assured them that everybody would keep their salary.

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