International Relations Sector

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The International Relations Sector conducts the following business: prepares acts and carries out activities from the area of international relations and parliamentary cooperation; conducts affairs relating to the participation of the standing and other delegations of the National Assembly in the work of international and regional organisations; affairs relating to study group visits to foreign representative bodies and reception of delegations; affairs relating to the visits of study groups and members of foreign representative bodies; prepares material for the visits of delegations of the National Assembly and its working bodies to foreign representative bodies, international and regional organisations; provides translation services as well as conducts other business for the needs of the National Assembly, its working bodies and the MPs from the sphere of international relations.

The International Relations Sector comprises the:

1) Foreign Affairs Department and

2) Translation Services Section.

Foreign Affairs Department

Department Head: MA Vladimir Filipovic

contact telephone: 011/3026-576

Translation Services Section

The Translation Services Section provides written translations and interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous) for the needs of the National Assembly relating to international parliamentary activities. The translations comply with international translation standards and norms.

Section Chief: Ana Milanovic

contact telephone: 011/3026-100


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