Openness. Accessibility. Accountability.

The Education Center of the National Assembly was established with aim to strengthen and improve two-way communication between the institution and citizens, or groups of citizens.

Through various programs, the Education Center affirms the importance of the Parliament, its role, and position in the society.

In addition, these programs provide the opportunity for your voice and your opinion to be heard in the National Assembly.

The Education Center promotes the National Assembly as a house of democratic dialogue and a home of all the citizens.

Guiding principles of the Education Center are openness, accessibility, and accountability.

Educational programs are equally accessible to the citizens who visit the National Assembly, the citizens that the Parliament is reaching on its own, and the citizens who use modern communication technologies. For the citizens who can come to the National Assembly, there are several programs that include visits, as well as the option to watch the sessions from the Grand Hall gallery. For those who cannot, the Education Center prepares numerous informative publications, promotional films, and a program of field visits – the Mobile Parliament.

Contact us:
Education and Assembly Heritage Presentation Group

contact telephone: 011-3026-273; 011-3026-236


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